Norwich Northern Distributor Road progress summary


  • 414 Archaeological trenches excavated
  • 22ha of archaeological strip, map and record (completed)
  • 7km of newt fence
  • Over 300ha of site clearance (includes approx 5000 trees)
  • Over 2,000 amphibians, including 587great crested newts, 488 smooth newts, 885 toads and 103 frogs, trapped and moved
  • 4 Newt habitat ponds created
  • All mitigation and compensation bat boxes installed (81)
  • Over 100 bird boxes put up – 10 barn owl boxes follow
  • 2 Bat roost barns

Fencing and drainage

  • 42km of fencing complete – 2km remaining
  • 10 km of drainage installed so far – 23km remaining
  • 20 Drainage lagoons created – 7 remaining
  • Ditch and lagoon excavated to protect Wensum Valley

Utility Service diversions

  • 50 Utility service diversions changed over or ready – 30 remaining
  • High Pressure gas main diversion completed


  • 512,000 cubic metres of topsoil strip (almost complete)
  • 1.2 million cubic metres of bulk excavation – 0.3 cubic metres remaining
  • 11,507t of material so far used for structures, compounds, piling mats, crane platforms
  • 56,000 cubic metres of site-won gravels stockpiled for surface construction


  • Marriott’s Way Bridge - Abutment bases, columns and central pier poured, reinforced earth walls completed
  • Bell Farm Track Bridge - Abutment bases and columns poured, reinforced earth walls completed
  • Cromer Rd Bridge - Abutment bases and columns poured. Reinforced earth walls on-going
  • Buxton Rd Bridge - Abutment bases, columns and central pier poured. Reinforced earth walls completed. Crosshead beams and deck beams very soon
  • Newman Road Bridge - Excavated, with works to structure to commence soon
  • Rackheath Railway Bridge - CFA piling works completed. North and south abutment bases poured: Bridge beams on by Easter 2017
  • Plumstead Rd Bridge - CFA Piling, Abutment bases completed, walls very soon!!
  • Middle Rd Bridge - CFA Piling Completed
  • In total: 2,354 cubic metres of concrete in place  – 5,875 remaining

Main carriageway and junctions

  • 8.9 km of carriageway stabilised (out of 40 km total)
  • 8.5km protected with base layer asphalt (or base and binder)
  • Fakenham Rd, Fir Covert Rd, Reepham Rd roundabouts tied in and open to traffic. Verges and signs being completed
  • A140 Cromer Road –  Bridge works progressing well with beam installation due by end of March 2017, traffic to be utilising new bridge by end of July 2017
  • North Walsham Road roundabout - Drainage works underway and utility service diversions complete – earthworks and pavement construction in New Year
  • Wroxham Road roundabout – Utility service diversions due to be complete by mid-February 2017, followed by the main construction works
  • Salhouse Road roundabout – Earthworks complete, drainage underway, due to open to public traffic by Easter
  • Plumstead Road junctions – Works to progress in summer 2017

Side Roads

  • New Drayton Lane - Earthworks and utility service diversions complete. Target to open by 19 May 2017
  • Green Lane West/Wroxham Rd junction – will commence towards the end of February
  • Progress on cycleways, bridleways and paths – being completed as mainline works and roundabouts progress

Health & Safety

  • Over 500,000 hours recorded without a LTA (Lost Time Accident)
  • Accident Frequency Rate (LTA’s per 100,000 hours) – 0   (target <0.05)

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