What impact will the Northern Distributor Road have on Norwich business?

Will it cost businesses to build it?

The government has agreed to contribute £86.5m towards the scheme. Norfolk County Council and developer contributions will be needed to cover the final £60m. Tom McCabe, director of environment, transport and development at County Hall said some £40m was anticipated to come from the community infrastructure levy pooled by Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk Council. The final £20m will be covered mainly by a pot of capital receipts built up by the authority.


Will existing business benefit?

The county council says the road has the potential to unlock £1bn of economic benefits to Norfolk. They say it will provide jobs and boost businesses in Norwich, Broadland and North Norfolk.

The road will bring connected improvements, such as a rapid bus transit in Norwich.

Norwich International Airport said it will help attract world-class businesses to the area.

Aviva says the road will be particularly beneficial to the 2,000 staff at Broadland Business Park

Where will new businesses go?

The road will unlock new business sites, especially in northeast Norwich and Broadland. Ifield Estates Broadland Gate scheme currently has planning consent for:

Employment B1/B8

42,000sq.m | (450,000 sq ft)

Hotel & Leisure C1/A3/A4/D2

9,100sq.m | (98,000 sq ft)

Business Village A1/A2/A3/A4 uses

4,650sq.m | (50,000 sq ft)

Community Zone C2/C3/D1 uses

7,500sq.m | (80,000 sq ft)

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