New Police Investigation Centre at Broadland Gate

Contracts have been exchanged with Norfolk Constabulary for a 5.3 acre land sale on the west of Broadland Gate at Plot 10, for the development of a new Police Investigation Centre.



It will be the second of two new Investigation Centres to open as part of the Norfolk 2020 innovative, with the Western Hub currently under construction in Swaffham. The new Centre will consolidate several departments that are currently dispersed around the county, allowing for better integration and coordination between the services. Norfolk Constabulary have quoted:

"As part of our Norfolk 2020 plans, the development of a new Broadland Police Station, as well as a similar development currently under construction in Swaffham, sees us enhancing our ability to respond to changing crime types and invest in safeguarding and investigations to match the increase in service demands. The new stations will transform the way we work, broadening our tactics into a more digital world while providing specialist support to detectives and victims in single locations. They will also make best use of new road infrastructures.”

A planning application has been made to Broadland Council for the development, comprising of general offices, amenities, associated storage and car parking.

Norfolk Constabulary were attracted to Broadland Gate due to its highly accessible location on the interchange of Broadland Way (the Northern Distributor Road) and A47.  


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